Thursday, January 13, 2011

Cottage Wanted:


A cute cottage type house with at least 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms.  I'd settle for 1.5 baths.
I would like some modern updates, but nothing fancy, and am definitely willing and excited to do a cosmetic
makeover.  See, I'm not asking for too much...

What I actually find:

Bland exteriors with zero curb appeal, those hideous laminate kitchen cabinets with "wood" trim, bedrooms the size of postage stamps, closets even smaller than that, and dark, spooky paneling...and more paneling.

My husband and I are looking for our first house to buy, which is very exciting, yet very frustrating so far.
Our search is taking place in the suburbs of Chicago and we currently live in the city of Chicago now.
Being from these suburbs I know quite well that they are not known for their cottage or farmhouse charm, unless you happen to live in one of the quaint downtown or main street areas within the suburb itself.  Even then, it's hard to find something that doesn't need tons of construction work, definitely something that we don't want to live through with our 6 month old daughter.  Did I mention ugh?

Our search has just begun, so we are still hopeful that we'll find that one perfect-enough house to be in for years and years to come!  The obstacle course that has become our apartment, made no easier by the growing addition of bulky baby gear, is in a word: RIDICULOUS
This move can't come soon enough!


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Elyse said...

hang in there -- believe me -- i know just how you feel. when we were looking for our house i thought it would be fun and exciting but much of it was daunting and depressing. i made a few cuts from the wish list and love the house we chose. it's small but paint and big ideas can go a long way!

i can see from your blog that you just the ideas and style to make any house into your perfect cottage. i am rooting for you! (i also just added your blog to my sidebar -- hope new bloggers will find you soon)


A Vintage Chic said...

Hello! Elyse did as she said she would do...and here I am! As an older (not tooooo much older! {okay, maybe I am!}) vintage-loving, wish-I-lived-in-a-cottage-too mother of 3 beautiful daughters...I'm right there with ya!

Sweet babies do completely turn your life around...and upside-down...and forever better than you ever imagined!

I'll enjoy following along with you as you have fun on your back soon!


Claudia said...

I stopped by last night but didn't have time to leave a comment. My pal, Elyse, told me about your blog. Love it.

I, too, went through the saga of looking for a cottage style house. And it was incredibly depressing at times. Lots of ranch houses, raised ranch houses (which I truly dislike) and lots of houses that looked good in the photo but were another story entirely when seen in person.

Like Elyse, I had a wish list and some of those wishes had to be left at the wayside in order to get a house with charm. We have dreams of adding on to the house someday, and building a garage, and a host of other ideas that we may never be able to afford. But we love out little cottage.

Hang in there. It will happen.

Your daughter is absolutely adorable!