Friday, January 28, 2011

Wash N' Fold: Laundry Rooms To Inspire

Between changing diapers and being drooled on, I have been finding some lovely laundry room photos that inspire me to create the perfect laundry room to make this never ending chore a bit less of a bore (oh geez, now I'm rhyming).  Here's the thing, I don't actually have a laundry room....ahhhh, the joys of apartment life. I will someday though...perhaps even pretty soon since we have our sights set on a potential house to buy!  So when I finally get that laundry room all my own, I would definitely want something like this...

IMG_2326  IMG_2311
Serena Thompson's (Farm Chicks) Laundry Room
To see more, check out The Farm Chicks Blog

I just love all the colors in her laundry room, mixed with polka dots and flowers.  It also seems like an attainable DIY job!

Something not quite so attainable perhaps, is this...
Um, do I see two washers and two dryers there?  Wow, that must be nice!  Oh, and the Farmhouse Sink...amazing!

Some more with Farmhouse Sinks...because I love me a Farmhouse Sink!

How clever of an idea to put decals on your washer and/or dryer...never would have thought of it!

Really love this one too, especially the washtub sink!

The perfect little laundry nook, if your washer and dryer are in a closet

Probably the most creative idea for shelving ever...a dollhouse!
I would fill those or any other shelves with...

 Washing Line Hand Wash              Washing Line Room Spray 
Washing Line Scrubbing Brush
Laundry and cleaning products from Cath Kidston (USA)

For now, I am off to my shared laundry room in the basement...sigh...
BUT, it's better than no laundry room at all.
Happy Friday!

*Photo Credits Noted, Otherwise Google Images



Anonymous said...

Hello Chicago Girl... Love the laundry room inspiration. That is the last room that needs a major updating in my home! My 2011 GOAL! I found you through Cozy Little House... she had me at Chicago :) Much love coming your way from just 2 hours east... in Indiana! I'm your newest follower.

Anne Marie... said...

I jut was browsing through Kidson's creations this morning....she always is so cheery!!

thanks so much for your compliment on my journals...I plan on having more available at the sale than what I posted about (only time will tell!...but it's a great project sitting down right

Can't wait to meet you!
Anne Marie
(your newest follower )

Brenda Kula said...

My favorite is the laundry room with the old washtub. I don't actually have a laundry "room." It's just a pass-through to the garage.

Lynn said...

I really enjoyed looking at your laundry room inspiration, Stacey. For the short time I lived in Raleigh I had a first floor laundry room. Other than those 16 months, it's always been in the basement. I don't mind so much though, cuz then it can be a mess and nobody sees it. But the ones you featured are beautiful!! I would love to have such a space.
~Lynn at

Terry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, to your question about shipping to Chicago area. I have these things listed on eBay NOW!

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

WOW! These are all so fabulous!
Thanks so much for your visit!

Jen T said...

OH my gosh! First, the picture of you & your daughter is adorable! Second, these laundry rooms are I never thought of that but I might just do it - I love it! I was an apt dweller for years and can definitely feel your pain but it won't last forever & I hope you get the house of your dreams. I'm off to your etsy shop now. Thanks for coming by my blog & I'm following now! JenT

Kim K. said...

I love your blog. What an inspirational post. Such lovely pictures. My mother did something unique in her laundry room with doll clothes and hand-painting a clothesline. You might enjoy it too:

boocallie said...

I would like to sign up for email postings from you. Very new at this, so here is my email: If I can't sign up by email, please tell me how to do it. Thanks.