Friday, February 11, 2011

I Heart California

I Love California!
Sorry Chicago, but I just do.  It's warm there year round, mostly sunny, and near the ocean.  You, Chicago, are brutal in the winter, and let's be honest, not very agreeable during the rest of the seasons either.  Your Lake Michigan is so big it looks like the ocean, but it just doesn't compare to the real thing!

Since I love California oh so much, I have been collecting California Kitsch over the years.  I have quite a few items now, all were thrifty finds...yippee!  Most of these items reside in my kitchen as they seem to go best there for me.

Vintage Plates, Tablecloth, and Apron

They all go pretty nicely with my kitchen table and chairs

Other than the weather, what do I love about California (particularly Southern California) so much?  I guess one reason would have to be the Old Hollywood nostalgia of Los Angeles...

Ava Gardner and Lana Turner

This hotel just screams Retro Hollywood Glam to me
The Beverly Hills Hotel Coffee Shop
Love the banana leaf wallpaper in here!
Photo Source:  Apartment Therapy

Eating at  the Farmer's Market is so fun...all kinds of yummy food!
Photo Source:  Eyedeal Postards

Photo Source:  CaliforniVacation SoCal Style Blog

This is a really great book on vintage style 
and places in Los Angeles

And then there are the beaches, just another reason to 
love California!

I Love Surfing (8x8) - Fine Art Print
"I Love Surfing"

The Pier (8x10) - Fine Art Print
"The Pier"

I have love for Northern California too...
(and all in between)

Golden Gate Bokeh (8x10)
"Golden Gate Bokeh"

China Town (8x8)- Fine Art Print
"China Town"

Some California Favorites I am loving (and wanting)...

California - handmade wood key hook states
California State Key Hook
This shop also has other states and fun painted wood decor items

California State Pillow
California State Pillow
Available in other colors and states too

California Embroidered Pillow

Even though I heart California, Chicago really is a great city with so much to offer...I'm just bitter because it is winter ;)
I'll be singing it's praises come summer!

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Diane Mars said...

I too LOVE California the weather is so ideal, and pretty much year round. I was born in Santa Monica I have moved away to many beautiful places but I have always come back to California. Hugs, Diane

Marilou of Lulu's Lovlies said...

O love CA too. I'm a native but did spend some time growing up on my Grandmas farm between the ages of 4 and 10 and CA is my Fav! However I do love other places in other parts of the country and sometimes wish for the rural life, very expensive to live here though and that makes it hard for the younger generation, love your Cali collection! Happy Valentines day, Marilou

Brenda Kula said...

I do love retro! And wish I was in California right now for the fab weather!

Vicki @ Curly Willow said...

Hang in there Stacey.... six more weeks! You can do it!

~Sheri~ said...

I <3 Cali as well...I love liven in Central Ca...close to the coast and the Mtns too.

I think my heart belongs in Texas though....All the junkn and amazing anique shows!

Whimsical Folk Art Blog said...

I really like looking at your vintage pictures :)

By the Bluegrass said...

Ahhhh, cute Cali stuff! I love L.A. I stayed in the Beverly Hills hotel several years ago. Our room was really cool. Rodney Dangerfield was lying out next to us at the pool and Michael jackson signed his autograph on a piece of Beverly Hills Hotel note paper. We met him at the Century City Mall. That was a fun trip. I've been there twice. I still love Chicago too! It is cold, but awesome.

Free Pretty Things For You said...

you are so cute!
you want to be in S cali and im trying to get out of it as quickly as possible! lol I've live here all my life and i cant wait to get to North Carolina.

Elyse said...

cute collection of california! (say that 3x fast) another reason to like california: it is the shabby capital of the universe! LOL

stay warm



I am in Cannon Beach, OR, this week . . . a little closer to CA.
But back to Chicago tomorrow.


Heidi said...

Stacey~ I am with you. I am so with you that we are going to So Cal for spring break and it will not come soon enough! We try to get there once a year or so ~ have been at Thanksgiving a couple of times and we don't even have family there, just love to go! Thanks for coming by my blog ~ always great to "meet" another Chicago blogger!

Cindy at Some Really Neat Stuff said...

I love California too! I grew up there and all my kids were born there. Right now I'm glad to be in Texas because there are jobs here, but I sure do miss the weather and mountains of California and my parents who live in San Diego. Thanks for sharing all your great CA stuff.

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

My mom collects vintage items with state names too :) I am love with the dresses that ava and lana are wearing!!

Thank you for stopping by my blog, I just became a follower :)

Sandra said...

There's no place I'd rather be...except I'm never there. Will be there this summer for BlogHer though....weeeee!
Love your kitchen table!

Lindy said...

I'd love CA's year round gardens -- that would be wonderful!

MODERN Prairie Girl said...

I used to go to U of San Diego and let me tell you, I MISS SD so much during our WA winters....blaaaaahhh..that's what we got going on here.

Those vintage farmer's market pics are to die for!

Kat said...

I've never been to California or Chicago, but would love to visit both! Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)

STORIES Photography said...

Oh my goodness, just found your blog by searching for vintage travel trailers. I'm in heavan, and I'll be back. Nice to meet ya.

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

I'd LOVE to visit California. It sounds like heaven....and here the sky is full of drizzly rain!



Debra@Common Ground said...

Love the retro state souveniers(?) Plates, banners, postcards; so fun! Thanks for linking up for VIF!

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

sorry if this posts twice- problems logging in! :/
These are just awesome, love the old photos and especially the vintage table cloth you have. Thanks for linking this up!

Tamara said...

what an incredible collection of vintage california map items you have! i have a vintage california table cloth that i use as a cover on my doggie's bed, i love the colors and it spruce's it up! old favorite. i live in california and my favorite place to go to in hollywood is grauman's chinese theater and putting my hands in the hand-prints of all the movie stars. true story: the first time i took my daughter to hollywood she was disappointed...she thought movies stars were walking around all the time! thanks for sharing!

Gina said...

I love that vintage pillow! Having grown up in Nor Cal I know what you mean. I did love living there, so close to the city and all there is to do there. I just picked up a bag with a vintage Cali map. It's a happy way to tote things around!

Anne Fannie said...

What a fun collection!
I love California too. Wouldn't live anywhere else!!!

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Well I kind of have to love California too (since I've lived there my whole life)! I love your collectibles. But I have to say that the one time I visited Chicago I adored it! I want to go back and see more! The flowers all along the streets were so beautiful. The lake was beautiful. The park with the fountain where I first saw fireflies was beautiful! Hey! There's something California doesn't have. We don't have fireflies! No summer magic in our part of the country. :)

carla said...

My parents used to shop at that Farmer's Market in the 1930s and 40s. When my husband and I visited family in Valencia in 1976, one of the places we had to see was Farmer's Market. It was great. Thanks for the memories.

Privet and Holly said...

So fun that you
joined this post
to my collector's
linky party! What
a unique collection
and one that no
doubt reflects a
very SUNNY personality!
I bet your kitchen
is just darling. The
photos from Etsy
and the Cat Studio
pillow are really
great. I am lucky
enough to have a Cat
Studio pillow of MN.
Hope you are enjoying
that HOT Chicago
weather, now : ) !!
xx Suzanne

Jenny Schouten Short said...

I like your collection. Beautifully presented with a California-retro look.