Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I Went To The Mall...An Antique Mall, That Is.

I was able to get to a great Antique Mall recently...Volo Village Antique Mall in Volo, IL.
It has been Forever since I have been there, I forgot how fantastic it is!

{all photos were taken with my phone...sorry}

 lots of fun kitchen items in this booth...I bought the tray on top of the stool,
it's metal, with strawberries on it!

 This booth was nuts...but good nuts.  It's packed with all kinds of 
Vintage Ephemera and smalls!  I wanted lots of things in there...

 I saw lots of ruffled and hobnail Fenton glassware...so so pretty, loved it all!

Did I get your attention with this?!  How scary is this clown??!!
{maybe you didn't watch Poltergeist when you were too young to be watching it,
and therefore are not afraid of clowns like me}
I actually saw quite a few clowns at the antique mall!

This is the mall itself...it's pretty big, with multi floors and connected buildings.
Be sure to go sometime if you live in, or visit Northwestern Illinois.
I think I spent almost 4 hours there {not with the bambino...thank you hubs}!
I came away with some great little finds, mostly for the kitchen, which 
I will be sure to share soon...
Oh, and I should note that the prices here on most things were really affordable,
everything I bought was under $20!

On another note, I have had an ongoing headache for 3 days, so I am way behind in seeing what
everyone is up to in Blogland, along with pretty much everything else I need/should/want to do!
Anyone have a magic cure for headaches?



The Beetle Shack said...

hi there, I have just come over from 'a beach cottage' beautiful blog, i'm your newest follower! I hope your headache subsides

xo em

Jann Olson said...

Looks like my kind of place. Too bad Utah is so far away. I'm with you girl, clowns (not so much real ones), but fake ones are a bit freaky.

Anonymous said...

Love to find antique malls like this. Looks like a place you wouldn't leave empty handed. The clown can stay though. Creepy! Hope you start feeling better soon.

Sweet Bee Cottage said...

Oh now that looks like some good fun! Love the bright colors in the one booth and I am so with you and the creepy clown. ISH! (yeah, I read your British post)

Melody said...

Hi Stacey! What GREAT mall. And, the pics..I want your tray!

GardenofDaisies said...

I love vintage and antique malls like this! I could look for hours and hours. Can't wait to see what wonderful treasures you found. I hope you feel better soon. What does your doc suggest for your headaches?

~~Carol~~ said...

Are the headaches related to allergies? I know when the mold count is high, I have the same thing happen. Hope you get some relief soon!
That looks like a fantastic antique mall, and if gas wasn't so outrageous, I'd love to check it out. That booth with all the kitchen stuff would definitely keep me busy for a while!
Happy REDnesday!

Sarah @ Modern Country Style said...

Oh no, you poor thing. A three-day headache sound awful. Could it be because you've seen too many wonderful things at that mall?!!!

Wow, everywhere I looked in those photos there was gorgeousness waiting to be drooled over! Lucky you!

And I hope you get better very soon.


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Stacey! LOVE that first booth you showed with everything all color cordinated. I've never been in a booth like that- only seen them on the blogs! I only find the messy jumbled booths. There ARE good things to find in them but not such a feast for the eyes!

For your headache, if you suspect it's sinus related, Google a product called Sinus Buster. That stuff (along with progesterone cream) has changed my life! ♥

Ann said...

I love booths where you have to look under piles and plies of fantastic epherema! And I love the look of the first booth, your strawberry tray looks so pretty.

Diann said...

Looks like such a fun place to spend an afternoon!

LV said...

Enjoyed your blog and the trip to the antique mall. I visit them much too often. However, I never find things I can afford.

michele at hellolovelyinc said...

3 days with a headache is horrible, stacey. i do the excedrin/coke/darkness cure. i blame everything on hormones, headaches being no exception.

i was not too young for poltergeist, and it scarred me! the clown, the mini lady with her GO INTO THE LIGHT, CAROL ANN, and jobeth williams invisibly molested. omg.



Cozy Little House said...

That place is color heaven!

Genie said...

I didn’t start going to our until I had my PT appt’s changed to 4:45. I leave school at 3:15 and need something to do each week, so now I go to the antique mall. It is such fun, and I love every minute I am there. Yours looks a lot like ours...lots and lots of stuff! Happy Rednesday.

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

You went to the antique mall--and you found plenty of red!


“To live without red is a sin!”
She said, with a rubicund grin.
“A world without red?
I’d rather be dead!
No crimson? It shivers my skin!”

© 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

Red Art in Mexico

SueLovesCherries said...

Oooh! I'd take a stroll through that mall anyday - that's my kind of place!

Vintage Country Girl said...

I'll have to look up that place, and see if it's close to where we vacation each summer in IL. My husband has relatives we stay with each summer in Rockford/Freeport area (NW IL). Also, I'm up for your challenge. Which project do you want to do and showcase on our blogs?

michelle said...

What a great place, minus the clown. I did see Poltergeist, still gives me the baheebeegeebies!! :) I cant wait to see what you picked up.
I hope that your headache goes away soon. I wish I new the cure-all for them.

adventuresindinner said...

I'm so glad that you made the clown comment because my heart gave a leap when I saw it. We all must be "of a certain age".

Lovely blog. I'm just about to follow.

Thanks for linking to Shabbynest so that I could find you.

traci said...

that looks like a great place. never heard of volo. will have to look it up on the map. road trip.

happy mothers day stacey!!