Monday, August 1, 2011

Winner of Magazine Subscription Giveaway Announced!

Yippee!  Time to Announce the Winner of my 

....Aaaaannnnndddd the Winner is
Comment # 60, Glenda
Glenda said,

"happy to be a follower and since I have never seen any of these mags I would like the romantic country please. thank Glenda"

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Congratulations, Glenda!!!

A Big Thank You to all who entered and started following!
I'm so happy and humbled to have such wonderful Readers and Bloggy friends!!



Urban Farmgirl said...

Congrats to Glenda!

Ok, so I have been buried under furniture...but I have been meaning to email you back about Cabbages & Roses. I always thinks of it when my head is inside an armoire or something and I have a paintbrush in my hand. (That is when I do my best thinking, you know! Lol!)

I just heard C&R is selling in the US. I will find out where and when it starts and let you know. Is there a particular fabric you like? I have some extra from what they sent me for my project...let me know!


Boho Farm and Home said...

What?! How could I have missed this? What a great giveaway Stacey...I think I have been on vacation too long! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Lucky Glenda! Enjoy...

Elyse said...

hi stacey!

congrats to lucky glenda! enjoy!