Monday, October 31, 2011

Uncommon Storage - Pantone Boxes

I love creative storage solutions, particularly storage boxes, baskets, and bins!
I'd never be one to just keep things I use on a regular basis in a boring old
plastic container, so imagine my delight when I saw these chic and clever Pantone Storage Boxes from Uncommon Goods...

It paints a pretty picture of organization doesn't it?
I love these boxes for their clean, uniform storage, without any sacrifice on style.
I have Pantone Pink (672 C) and Green (377 C), and oh how I want the rest of the colors as well!
The boxes come in Pantone Colors:

Yellow - 14-0848
Green - 377 C
Cool Gray - 10 C
Pink - 672 C
Purple - 268 C
Red - 186 C

So cute right?  
The storage possibilities are endless for these Pantone boxes, keep them in the:
Office, Craft Room {where I keep mine}, Closets, Bathroom

If you love these boxes, then you are sure to love the other Pantone products
Uncommon Goods offers...

These chairs are just so fun and perfect for many spaces at home and work, not to mention parties!  

How great would these look lined up on a kitchen shelf?!

All Pantone items shown here are available at 

* I was given two Pantone boxes for review, but the opinions here are entirely my own


Ruby Jean said...

Oh those storage boxes are certainly cute...But I am Eyeballing those folding Chairs....Especially the PINK one... : )

The Thrifty Picker - Rachael said...

oh boy, might have to seek these out for myself!

michele said...

the boxes the boxes! sooooo cool and never seen em.


Adrienne & Lisa said...

LOVE these boxes! Super cute!


Pamela Bates of Mercantile Muse said...

OK Stacey, those tins are awesome. BUT so is that sweet pink sewing machine!!!