Monday, February 20, 2012


I need your help... It's a Wallpaper Crisis!

I want to wallpaper one wall in my bedroom, but am having such a hard time deciding what to pick.  Here are some photos (quickly taken with my iPhone) of my bedroom, so you can get an idea of the colors I have going (and want to keep)...

 The bedding colors; red, white, and blue are the ones I am decorating around.  The side tables are temporary until I find new ones I like.  The wall the bed and tables are on is the wall I want to paper.  My home is decorated in a cottage/farmhouse style and this is a pic I find inspiring for the room...

Notice the little human (my daughter) in the corner...she is saying, "come on, mama, downstairs!", she didn't care that mommy was taking pictures for her blog and just wanted to go downstairs for cryin' out loud!

Here's the other side of the room with my dresser and a blue and red wall rack-hook thingy. The mirror is a bit big for the dresser and will be switched out out.   I painted the Union Jack Chair.
I'm trying to keep the flowers and girly-ness in this room to a minimum (for my husband).

So here are the papers I'm liking (ones with limited flowers, etc.):

"Promenade" by Nina Campbell

 This one, in either red or blue is my favorite so far.  It has to be shipped from the UK and is not cheap to buy or ship!  It's a 1940's Toile scene.  I live in a 1940's this perfect, no?

The following papers are by the more affordable Thibaut (American brand):




 {"Big Check"}

 {"Duds"- 1930's Clothing}

"Meadow Sweet" by Albany
{price is good, but UK shipping still}

What do you think... which one's do you like best for my room?  The sheets on my bed are flannel, so they will be switched in spring to another blue pattern.  I could go with a red/white paper, but am wondering if that will be too much with the red and white duvet I have...thoughts?  Do you know of other online wallpaper resources I should check out (other than Wallpaper Direct...that's where I found the Nina Campbell and Albany ones)?

Thank you in advance for your help on Wallpaper Crisis 2012.



Amanda said...

Have you thought of doing a patchwork effect, using 3 or 4 different rolls, mix and match a few UK and US papers. I've seen other patchwork walls and they are gorgeous.

I was actually just looking at one and wondering what wall I could use.

You have chosen a lovely colour pallet!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

hands down without a doubt i say carnival in blue.

Shasta @ intheoldroad said...

I like Paysannerie. Have you looked on ebay for wallpaper? I have found some good deals there.

Good luck,

Rhissanna said...

I'd say...
Take all checks out of the equation, as you have more toiles. I'd get the one with the background colour you like most(in other words, white or ivory or beige or cream). Does that make sense? if you're going to keep the wallpaper through future decor changes, the traditional toiles will be more adaptable.

As a Brit, I love the UK one, but yeah, I can't afford to import papers to the USA either. Buy American.

Little Susie Home Maker said...

Promenade, no doubt about it. Stay in the 40's perfect!

Gayle said...

I like both the "Carnival" and "Promenade" in either blue or red. Since the price is so much more for the "Promenade" I choose "Carnival". This wallpaper is unique and fun. I like the white background also since the other walls are white. Good luck and have fun!

kibbygirl said...

Hmmmm, I like the torrington or meadow sweet. Painting one wall a solid color is pretty cool too. Good luck with the decision :)

thistlewoodfarm said...


I really like "Promenade." I think the blue and white with pops of red will be so pretty in your room! I love your inspiration photo!


donna said...

I love the first. Thinking I like the blue. I do not know of any other source for wall paper any more. Seems like it is getting harder to find.

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

WE have the same sheets!!! Well, not here, because they're flannel...are yours flannel?

As for your many fun choices...I don't think you can go wrong if you pick one you love. :)


My Vintage Mending said...

I think the Promenade in blue stays in the country theme. Red always seems to go pink on the wall when it has a white background for me. I have to say wallpaper in the states is such a chore. The UK has such amazing paper. Come on Mom! I here this so many times a day! Except now it is for food or something like a ride...smiles...Renee

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I am sooo not good at these kinds of decisions but I am sure you will come up with the perfect one!


SarahB said...

I read your post last night and have been thinking, if your colour scheme is red/white/blue and you don't want it too girls why not go a bit beachy/nautical with something like this:

I love toile, we used to have lavender toile in our bedroom but I think if you have it you have to go more French shabby chic or it looks odd.

Have a Google for nautical papers!!

S x

SarahB said...

Oooh, now I've even found a nautical toile:

S x

Faded Plains said...

hmmmm...this is a tough one. i actually like the design of the torrington, but I don't care for the cream background. i think something with a white background will keep it lighter looking and not too heavy. here's a thought...i wallpapered my entry using fabric and love how that came out, and should you want to take it down, you just peel it of and your walls are as good as new, or maybe purchasing a couple wall stencils and painting on a wallpaper look. i only say that because i wallpapered a section in my entry as well and it wasn't too easy, and that was a very small area. can't wait to see what you decide to do.

Jerusalem said...

OK I am no help with the wallpaper. I love it but an never nervy enough to go for it, but I liked that big gingham. But what I really want to say is that I am so STEALING your Union Jack chair- I have the perfect chair too!

Elyse said...

ooh! that little maggie is so cute!

i LOVE the inspiration pic and used it for my own bedroom. i'm liking the idea of red.

as i have learned, go for the one that makes you GASP and you can't go wrong.

did that help at all???


Kristal said...

I think the check has more of the feel of the inspiration photo - with a bit of geometric pop.

But you've mostly selected toile prints, so maybe that's where your heart really lies. In that case, I'd go with the first one, the one you really like, even if it costs more. Plus, I like the brighter, cleaner feel it has.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! Well, obviously I'd pick "Meadow Sweet" due to my deer obsession! But that UK shipping would be expensive. I wish wallpaper wasn't such a devil to put up. I've never had good experiences with it. Lol!

Gloria said...

They all look great! My choice would be the "Carnival"...with the blue fox and horse pattern.

I am sure whatever pattern you pick you will turn the room into something beautiful! Have fun decorating...:)

Happy Tuesday!


Auntie Cake said...

Good luck with this one, tough decision. I loved them all, but I have learned over time when I have splurged for a more expensive item that I have bought on-line, I was always disappointed in it when I got it, (not exact color, right size, those sorts of things.)

I saw the post from Faded Plains when she covered her entryway with the fabric, and read her comment. I have to tell you, I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED what she did. It is making me look at fabric in a whole different way. It sounds like a crazy idea, but check out her post, might save you some money!

Good luck, can't wait to see what you come up with!

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

I adore the MeadowSweet!!!! That's my pick! Love that pic with your little cutie. Too funny!

Tiedupmemories said...

I'm loving the 1940's toile theme! It's a classic and you can't go wrong! I love all your choices though.

Erin said...

I think a patchwork wall would be really cool like the first commenter said, but I don't know how that meshes with your vision for the room. :)

However, I do LOVE Promenade in blue! The pattern is beyond charming, and the fact it's a 1940s style is perfect for your house.

So, here's a (possibly) crazy idea but I'll throw it out there anyway: I'm going to England on March 3 (flying into Heathrow) and I see Nina Campbell's store is in London. We'll be in London for 4 days so there'd be ample time to go to the shop; plus wall paper rolls would be easy to carry onto the plane. If you really like that paper, I could pick it up and then ship it to you when I return in mid-March. At least shipping within the U.S. would be more affordable! :)


marilyn said...

Probably Promenade or Thibaut. I think Thibaut is a little busier but for cutting costs, it would be worth it.
I must say though my own first choice would be Torrington. I don't know why. i just love it. If only one wall was papered with the Torrington, then it wouldn't become too dark for the room. I also think it would make it rather cozy around the bed, with that beautiful blue background.

McMaster and Storm said...

love the meadow sweet ---it's so cute but not overly so....