1. How would you describe the decorating style in your home?

I would say eclectic farmhouse.  I love color, and have it everywhere you look.  I yearn to be out in the countryside.  So this is the next best thing that will accommodate that need.

2. What inspires your style and where do you find the most inspiration?

What inspires my style is simply what makes me smile when I look at it.  If it makes me smile, it is included in my decorating scheme.  I find inspiration from other blogs, magazines, nature, life in general.

3. Do you find you are drawn to other styles as well, and if so, do you find it challenging to stay within "your style", or does anything you like find its way into your house.

Most definitely the latter!  I am not much for following decorating trends.  They bore me. I have always had quilts I made on display in my home. That will never change.  I don't follow the dictates of what is currently in the magazines, though I may draw inspiration from them.  I will always have lots of color, whether the trend is for muted tones or not.  I don't give piddly what the "Color Of The Year" is.  I am very much my own person that way.

4. What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

Antique malls and junk stores. Garage and estate sales.  I don't have extra money now, and I simply shop the house.

5. What is your next or current decor project in your home?

I don't have one on the burner right now.  I'm too busy sewing for my shop.  I need to work on the outdoors so I won't wince every time I look at it!  I miss my old yard!

I do remember your old yard, Brenda, and it was lovely, but your new yard will be even better I bet!!

I love how Brenda decorates with so much color and you can clearly tell that she surrounds herself with things she loves!  Did you notice how she cleverly decorated around her flat screen TV on the mantel?  Very cool!

To see more of Brenda's Cozy Little House, do visit her at her blog, aptly named,
 Cozy Little House:  Thrifty Living In A Little Blue House

Brenda so graciously welcomes new bloggers {like me once upon a time, of which I am still grateful, as I gained many new followers after she featured me} in her Welcome Wagon Friday series!

Also, Brenda has just opened up a new Etsy shop, stop by and check out her darling creations.

Thank you so much Brenda for letting us peek into your Cozy Little House!


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