Sunday, April 29, 2012

Cottage Color and Style - My Living Room


Last week I showed my newly painted entry and stairway, and today I am continuing the tour off of that area with the living room.  I've tried some different decor tactics in this room over the last year, but I have finally settled on what I like to call, Happy Cottage Color...really, it's what I gravitate the most towards, so I'm just going for it...

 {I am still searching for just the right piece(s) for above and beside the TV.  Speaking of the's kind of an eyesore, but a girl's gotta watch Downton Abbey somewhere!  Someday, maybe an armoire will hide the TV...}

 {Vintage window hung within the picture window.}

The vintage quilt on the couch is a new find from an estate sale...I just love it!  
Vintage quilts are my new obsession!!

I have rearranged this room countless times!  I've had the hardest time getting the furniture placement right.  The love seat is a great piece, but is rather large and sits higher than the couch.  I still don't care for the different heights, but I like this placement the best so far.
it seems to make the most sense for everyday living and for having company over.

A little peak into the dining area...will share that space too, later this week.

{Holy strong afternoon sun, Batman!}

I posted the easy, vintage roses sign tutorial last week, be sure to check it out if you love vintage signs, but Do Not want to fork over the high prices they fetch these days!

Here's a little flashback to the room when we first moved in a year ago...

Can you say, I've come a long way, baby!?!

I have so enjoyed living here this past year, making this house a home, 
and look forward to so many more great years with my family here!
 Incidentally, this is what my living room normally looks like...

...compliments of this little bugaroo!


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Allyson Butler said...

I absolutely love it. It looks like the comfiest, most relaxing place ever!


Vintage Market Place said...

okay, seriously...looking out your picture window reminds me of the neighborhood I grew up in back in IL
I so wish I still lived there.
Your home is comfy and full of joy.
PS, my living area matches yours on most days with the toys. Its just how it goes ;)

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Happy Cottage Color. I love it! Your space is so bright and cheerful it would make anybody happy to live there. Love your new quilt. And the little girlie sitting on it, too.

Shasta @ intheoldroad said...

Oh my goodness, that's such a lovely room and I'll take any pillow or that quilt on your sofa...dreamy! Great job on that rose sign too.

I'm having a "favorite room" linky party over at my blog. I would love it if you would link this up. I so love your cottage style.

Shasta @ In The Old Road

Barb@curlywillowdiy said...

You HAVE come a long way! This is cottage perfection. Nicely done!

Linda @ it all started with paint said...

So pretty Stacey. And I adore that little bugaroo! She can come and mess up my house anytime ...



Miranda said...

This is such a beautiful living room. I think you've done a great job. I particularly like the window hanging in the window.

You have done a great job. ♥

Fox Hollow Cottage said...

Your living room is almost as cute as that couch accessory ;) The last one! hehe

Greta said...

OH my gosh -- so cute! I love your shabby chic style. My hubby would never allow it, but I love to look at it and dream! :) Happy Monday!

from me to thee......... said...

omg !!!! LOVE your style, colors etc....I love some color! how about an awesome vintage quilt hanging behind the TV ????? Makes a nice graphic statement.

Carol-Anne (Use the Good Dishes!) said...

So many pretty things to look at in there, I didn't even notice the TV until you mentioned it!

sissie said...

Yes, you've come a long way baby!!!
I love everything about your pretty home. You've made it so pretty, warm and welcoming.


Anonymous said...

I love it so much, Stacey! You are so good at using color and pattern without it looking too busy. I really love your pillows and all of your accessories...and what would a home be without toys scattered around and a cutie pie to go with them?!!

traci said...

first of all...your little one is adorable.

love it!!! your use of color makes me happy. love the books on the ladder. great idea!!

Elyse said...

oh, that little bugaroo is the best accessory! smooch!

as you know, i just adore your style. your sunny home is a delight! once i finish my big deadlines, i have some ideas in mind (me write/you style+photograph).

enjoy a sunny day, playing!


Anne Marie said...

that little bugaroo is so big now Stacey!! Oh my goodness....and what a cutie!

your home (truly) is very nicely put together - I am loving seeing all the transformations and re-arranging - (I need me some of that lately)

you should start your own interior design business - I love your look -

Anne Marie

Susan said...

It looks beautiful, Stacey. So light, bright, airy and cozy! Your daughter is such a little sweet pea! :)

Debby said...

Love your COZY home. It is just perfect.

Holly @ Life as a Thrifter said...

So sweet! I LOVE every bit of it!
...and I believe some of those EXACT same toys are sitting on our living room floor as we speak... :)

Whimsical Folk Art Blog said...

Very sweet room and little girl too :)

birdie blue said...

the quilt is absolutely to-die-for, as is your little 'bugaroo'. i'm with you on the vintage quilt obsession, i keep thinking about the ones that got away. your whole room looks great, my friend. well done.


Fresh Vanilla For C said...

Hi Stacey~~ I love your happy home..lit is truly one of my favorites:)))
Have a great day

Deborah Anne said...

Well I personally think your home is adorable! Even with the "mess" your lil' bugaroo makes! :) She just makes the home even more adorable!

Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

it all looks so cozy and welcoming! i love the pops of aqua!

michele said...

looks fabulous, and i want that vintage quilt!!! how feminine and chic.

look at the baby turn into a big girl!

smiles to you.


{northern cottage} said...

mmm yum - cottage yumminess through and through! i'm in LOVE with that aqua nursery sign in the background! I want to come over & accidentally take it home with me (ahem - no I'd never!) :) xo

would love to have ya pop by for a visit sometime - giveaway going on now!

Lisa @ Fern Creek Cottage said...

Aw, that little scrunched up face is the cutest! I can so relate to the toy picture! Your living room is really beautiful! Love all the wonderful light. All the great cottage colors make it such a happy, pretty, room!

Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

Little Maggie is so adorable! You have soooo come a long way with the living room! Love all of your beautiful touches. I really love the roses sign you made.


pam said...

You could always put feet on the couch to make it sit up higher. They wouldn't even show too much as the slip cover would probably cover them up.

Ruby and Arthur said...

I love your cottage look and color choices! Great job! Jean

Anonymous said...

Ha, she's a cutey pie. I am in Love with your living room, it is totally awesome cottage, I love every single piece of it!!! I want to come over and sit in a chair and just soak in the beauty! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to see what you do with the dining room. Hugs ~ Mary

Katharine Devinney said...

Your living room is so cute and comfy. Your daughter is adorable!!! I was dreaming, last night, I was playing Barbies with my neice and daughter. lol I miss that age but am enjoying my daughter's wonderful sense of humor at age 14.

You could put a platform or something under the couch to raise it.

My Vintage Mending said...

Oh you made my day. I have been using your fab ideas on some of the hard to finish areas of my home. I have those pillows on my couch. The RL striped. With my horticulture background I drool all over your nursery sign. You have beautifully stylized all your rooms and made them cozy and warm. Thanks for the inspiration....smiles..Renee

Keeping it Cozy said...

It is absolutely lovely.

(I'm glad I'm not the only one that usually has toys scattered around... smile)

Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Your living space looks just beautiful - love your style!!

Jen said...

One word - WOW! I am so envious of this room! I love it! Well done!

I have just discovered your blog on HelloCotton, one post and I'm hooked! :)

Karena said...

Stacey you have made this into a lovely family space!! Like you I am always tweaking this ans that!

That cuties face is just priceless!!

2012 Artist Series featuring Designer and Paper Artist; Anita Rivera ( of Castles Crowns and Cottages)is in on my site! I hope you will visit...

Art by Karena

Jen Kershner said...

I love your home. The color is so happy and the happy is contagious! I really love your blog. I just had to add you to my blogroll so I don't miss a post! You are inspiring.

Amy Kinser said...

Love your home. Everything is so very pretty. I am with you in that I love old quilts. I even love the holes... :)

Erin said...

Oh, that little face--she's ridiculously cute!

Now, I don't know where to begin with your living room, I love every detail in it! I pretty much had an eyegasm looking at all the photos. :)

It's so homely (in the British way) and cheerful, cozy and simply perfect. I'm completely swooning over that quilt (love a good Depression-era quilt!) and the pillow covers.

Totally magazine-worthy, Stacey! And now I shall pin it... :)

Have a great night,

amy said...

soooo pretty.
and yes, you are blowing up all over pinterest!
i love it when that happens!

Ral @ARTbyRT Seascapes and Island Life said...

Comfortable, absolutely comfortable, Love your style! Aloha Raliegh

Karah @ thespacebetweenblog said...

Stacey! This is so awesome I am pinning it. Just a beautiful arrangement, and so many fun details. The new quilt is just awesome!! :)

the poor sophisticate said...

I am so in love with your cheerful room! it makes me happy just looking at it! So excited to be your newest follower and thank for stopping by my blog!

Eclectically Vintage said...

The toys that used to line my floor have been replaced with 12 year old i-pods, candy wrappers, cell phones ... it never ends!

Love your living room! The old signs, the plates, crates, ladder, painted furniture ... it all rocks and is super eclectic (which obviously I love)!

Tattered Tiques said...

Wow! It all looks so great, I just love it all! I'm bummed I missed you the other day, with Maggie. I hear she is adorable, and from her pic here, I can see why. She is a cutie!! Get anything good at Kane?

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

I love this room, so beautiful and she is the cutest thing ever!!!
I'll be featuring it later today.
Kristin said...

Your living room is really sweet and cute -- I really love it!

Jann Olson said...

I don't know which is cuter, the room or little boogaroo. You did such a great job. Love the cottage feel. The crate plate holders are so cute!

Elizabeth (Blue Clear Sky) said...

What a cutie your little one is! The room is so pretty and I love all the details. Cottage cozy for sure.

Stephanie said...

LOVE it! So very cute and cozy. Great job!

Leslie said...

I'm going nuts over your style!! Your home is adorable! You have a real knack for knowing what looks effortlessly beautiful. Your style reminds me a lot of Jane Coslick, a designer who tranforms cottages and bungalows on Tybee Island. We stayed in one of her cottages--The Seabiscuit-- when we vacationed there last year.
Btw, I love watching Downton, too!)

Marla Hinds said...

“Vintage window hung within the picture window.” That’s a cool idea! I love how it made such a big difference to the whole appearance of your window! It’s amazing how it gave the space a touch of vintage, which is a very nice complement to the modern style home. I would love to sit on your couch and feel the warm sunlight coming in!

-Marla Hinds

Katie Beth said...

Hey! Love your style. In my early stages of decorating. (sort of looks like the bottom pictures ;) I have insanely red couches I'm trying to cover up with couch covers for a "lighter" look. Wondering if that's what you have on yours? If so, where did you get it? I just love it.

Kim @ Savvy Southern Style said...

Love your cute cottage style living room. I also have a thing for vintage quilts especially if you can find a bargain. Your little one is so cute.

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