Thursday, May 24, 2012

Blogger's Home Tour #8 - Michele @ Hello Lovely

If you love white and neutral, elegant and serene, then you will surely fall head over heels for Michele's home!  The ever talented and kind Michele from Hello Lovely is our featured Blogger Home Tour today...
" I'm michele.
A freelance writer
for magazines and web.

A wife with two children,
and a master's in counseling.

Studied psychology at Northwestern University
and then counseling at the University of Missouri-Columbia.

Is always up to something creative
and plays around with paint, food, interiors, words, and music.
The blog is a natural expression of passions for:
lovely, laughter, and knowledge.

It's a safe place to
share the beauty
of the everyday
and invite others
to add to it. "

Michele's beautiful home...

{Art by Michele...this is in the laundry room!}

A WOW kitchen!

Dining Room

 {Michele doesn't like clutter, so don't tell her to get more stuff! ;) }

{A pretty chair from her mom}

 {More art by Michele on her bedroom dresser}

{An ooh la la bathroom}

 {So many dreamy chandeliers is this home!}

{Love this screen door!}

{Bella Luna, a faithful friend}

Elegant, serene, and darn right gorgeous right?!  Michele is a master at creating ethereal beauty.

Style Q&A With Michele

1.  How would you describe the decorating style in your home? 

Tranquil, relaxing, zen, spare, mostly monochromatic, and FRUGAL! A lot of people would be bored with how carefully edited it is, but it suits us. I like clean. Nothing is precious or taking itself too seriously. Old mixed with new. Original art scattered about (spoiled for that now). I conceptualize my style as 'Swedish Beach' beccause I am so drawn to the Scandinavian aesthetic and anything suggestive of waves or the beach. There's European influence too. Our Belgian lace curtains were a wedding gift from my parents and have been hung in every home  we have lived in for 25 years.

2.  What inspires your style and where do you find the most inspiration?

We live on the edge of a forest--an inspiring backdrop--so there's little need for the interiors to compete. Most of our vacations are spent at the beach which is clearly an influence. Inspiration for our home and for my art comes from an intuitive place of restfulness and peace, books, experts (like Rachel Ashwell, Brooke Giannetti, and Michael Del Piero), and beautiful hotels.

3.  Do you find you are drawn to other styles as well, and if so, do you find it challenging to stay within "your style", or does anything you like find it's way into your house?

I honor diverse design approaches. What matters to me is the authenticity, soul, and life underneath. I love  that sense of tumbledown chic and the timeless charm you find in romantic styles, but I also love the pure, fresh, uncluttered clean of contemporary Swedish design where it has nothing to do with how much money you spend. It's not challenging when I stick with my gut. When a space is not overly contrived, not too stuffy, and not without personality, it is restful to the eye and radiates an authentic vibe.

4.  What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

Very shortly, I think I will say Paris. But for now, definitely eBay, etsy, tag sales, and emerging artists. I love handmade. I am so thrifty and DIY at heart that flea market prices can seem too lofty for me (true!), so I get an idea of what I want and wait for it. Or design it for my husband to build (shamelessly spoiled btw). It always feels like the right objects find their way to me without a lot of exhausting shopping.

5.  What is your next or current decor project in your home?

Oh boy, the living room. We had a creamy leather sectional (functional for the 3 men in our house) in there for years which just stifled my creativity until I gave up. Now that piece is in a newly designed family room so I have an empty room to style!

Thank you for sharing your gorgeous home, Michele! 

For more lovely, visit Michele's hilarious (this girl will seriously crack you up), and very inspiring, sweet blog, Hello Lovely.


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Barbara Jordan Dettweiler said...

What a great interview and it was so fun to see Michele's home! What a beautiful, tranquil and stylish home!

I Dream Of said...

I absolutely love it! White, chandeliers, new mixed with old--Michele is definitely my kind of girl. Thanks for the peek and the great interview!

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Pardon me while I slip into that tub.....ahhhhhhh. :)

michele said...

a pleasure to be living part of your fairytale, stacey. thanks for the opportunity even though it makes me a nervous wreck to have people across the planet shrink me based on a few images of my surroundings. i have already changed several rooms! ha!

smiles to you.


Heaven's Walk said...

I hopped over here from Michele's gorgeous blog - and it was such a treat to see more of the inside of her beautiful home! So very chic! I love her style! :) Thanks for featuring her today, Stacey!

xoxo laurie

Kathysue said...

Stacey, I love this post, Michele is one of my favorite bloggers. I love her spirit, her soul and her design aesthetic. She is generous beyond words and I guess you might say I just Love her!! Fun to read more about my favorite lady, Kathysue

Privet and Holly said...

Thank you for
showcasing M's
LOVELY home : )
I have seen a few
peeks of it on her
blog, but loved
seeing more and
hearing her take
on how she put
it all together.

Happy Weekend,

city said...

nice idea.. thanks for sharing.

Denise at PinkPostcard. said...

Beautiful home Michele! Love the edited and very stylish look! :)