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Blogger's Home Tour #9 - Laurie @ Heaven's Walk

 Blogger's Home Tours #9 welcomes Laurie from Heaven's Walk

" Living a sweet life inspired by God's blessings in an old farmhouse in the country. I pray that you are blessed by your visit here {at my blog} as I share my love of photography, gardening, repurposed/repainted vintage treasures, and the French-Nordic style."

I have enjoyed reading Laurie's blog for some time, she is such a sweet and genuine person and her pretty home is full of inspiration!

 {Is this a gorgeous photo or what?!}

 {Love the simple farmhouse style pendant above the table}

Laurie's home takes it's decor inspiration from the Nordic countries of 
Sweden, Norway, and Denmark...

 {She has lots of beautiful candelabras}

 {Really love the bed frame here, and that it's in a dark wood to contrast with the white}

 {I will be eternally jealous of everyone who has a claw foot tub...until I get one...maybe...someday!}

 {Another perfect bedroom for heavenly sleep}

If you thought the inside of Laurie's house was lovely, check out her yard and gardens...

Gorgeous and comfy outdoor seating Ms. Rachel Ashwell would most certainly approve of...

I can only hope my new cottage gardens turn into the likes of this...

A peak at what I am sure is a relaxing and serene farmhouse porch...

*Big Sigh*... A Beautiful Home!

Style Q&A With Laurie

1.  How would you describe the decorating style in your home?  

I would describe it as shabby French-Nordic.  My tastes have evolved so much over the years from country to seaside to shabby chic to farmhouse and back to seaside.  (My soul will always and forever live at the seaside!)  When we moved from our lake house into this old farmhouse six years ago, I tried to bring the seaside style with me, but it just didn't feel right.  Then I started blogging, and a whole new world of inspiration from other blogger's homes infused my heart and mind.  I learned to listen to what these walls were saying, too, and I started transforming Heaven's Walk into what she was quietly asking for all along.  A clean, spare, serene palette with creamy white painted furniture, rustic French baskets, hemp-linen grain sacks, fresh (or silk) roses, peonies, and lavender, candelabras, ruffly white slipcovers and shams, with a bit of faded vintage floral linens tossed about. I believe when a house feels calm and serene, you can hear God's whisper so much clearer. (The same is true with your heart and soul.) The sound of the water garden I built by the back porch, and the angel boy fountain by the front porch add to the serenity.  This house has truly become a place of mediation and contemplation for us.   

2.  What inspires your style and where do you find the most inspiration?

Believe it or not, most of my inspiration comes from blogging. I have learned so much from visiting and talking with various bloggers who are more than willing to give of their time and share their ideas with me.  A love of painted antique furniture is evident throughout our home from an old wardrobe cabinet turned TV armoire to a vintage fireplace mantel in the kitchen. My husband and I even made our headboard from an old mantel discovered at a barn sale. I never would have thought to even attempt this idea if it weren't for the creative bloggers I've met. They are truly a blessing!

Jeanne d'Arc magazines, Rachel Ashwell's books, Pinterest, and most recently Fifi's new magazine Romantic Prairie Style also profoundly affect my style.   I love simplicity and crave serenity.  These inspiring venues fill that need and are referred to quite frequently when I'm "floofing" things in the house.  I have grown to truly appreciate the art of mixing textures, soft, pale colors and faded florals to create rooms that make your heart sigh in relaxation.

3.  Do you find you are drawn to other styles as well, and if so, do you find it challenging to stay within "your style", or does anything you like find it's way into your house?

Lately, I have become more particular about what is brought into the house. After floating from theme to theme for so many years - and loving each one during that time - my tastes have finally settled into a simpler, purer, softer, more uncluttered feel that represents the Swedish style I love. I think an uncluttered home reflects an uncluttered life - or at least helps to unclutter one's life - which we all strive for as the years go by. The French part reveals itself in historic rustic pieces like old weathered baskets and slightly distressed wicker. I love imagining the French farm wife who used a certain basket to carry laundry out to the line, a bread board that held her warm from the oven homemade bread for her family, or a transfer ware pitcher she poured milk from for her children.  A combination of these two influences make my heart sing.  Simplicity + History. 
I continue to - and will always be - drawn to the light, airy seaside style because of my love for our favorite little island in Florida where we hope to spend our winters some day. So I'm always looking for old weathered, battered seashells to place on the mantel or bedside table as a reminder of my "someday cottage"nestled in the sand along the ocean just waiting for me... 
4.  What are your favorite places to shop for home decor?

If you know me at all, you know I LOVE to shop!  I can spend all day nosing around stores looking for just the right piece that makes my heart flutter.  But since I live an hour away from any big city, I tend to curl up on my love seat and wander from Etsy to eBay quite happily.  A local Habitat for Humanity ReStore is always a wonderful source for furniture that I haul home to transform with a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.  This time of year, I look forward to heading to a local antique/flea market to look for special things that will either end up gracing my home or my new booth. I now have a booth at Doster Emporium full of Heaven's Walk French-Nordic upcycled decor. There's always something new and interesting there to purchase, so the merchandise is always a lovely surprise.

 5.  What is your next or current decor project in your home?

I have a bucket list of decor projects waiting to happen!  It's just part of the reality that comes along with owning a farmhouse built in 1895.  There are two things at the top of my list, though.  The first one is ripping up the carpeting in both bathrooms because I know there's wood flooring beneath it. Our entire house has original oak flooring except for the kitchen's tile floor (which would be wood if it were up to me, but that would be a tremendous amount of work and money to redo).  But restoring those two floors to their former beauty would make the house feel more historically true-to-self.
The second project is the back porch that desperately needs a roof over it.  We tend to retreat to the front porch during the heat of the day for our breaks (and fight over the porch swing!) because the back porch faces east and is very hot and sunny until about 4pm.  I envision a lovely screened in porch with pretty chandelier hanging from a 'Wyeth Blue' ceiling out there someday...
oh....and with a bed swing...full of ruffly white pillows.........for my (our) catnaps...  ♥

Isn't Laurie just amazing?!  
She has such great style and a sense for just exactly how to decorate her home.  

Laurie, I sincerely hope you get that sweet little Florida cottage by the sea someday!

Thank you so much for your sharing your house here today and for the wonderful interview you shared!!

For more of Laurie's pretty home and wonderful blog, visit her at Heaven's Walk.

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P.S.  Just got back from vacation on Thursday...will share some fun pics soon!


Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

A gorgeous home and gardens! Thanks for posting and thanks to Laurie for sharing her home with us.

Urban Farmgirl said...

It is all so beautiful!!! And you are so right, Laurie is just the sweetest!

Loooove those gardens! ;o)


Jennifer @ Town and Country Living said...

Beautiful home! I've been following Laurie's blog ever since I started blogging. It's one of my faves!

traci said...

what a gorgeous home. love the vintage bed and the bathtub. so pretty. thanks for sharing.

chateau chic said...

Laurie's home is so beautiful, exuding peace and calm. It's a true reflection of her heart and soul. So lovely!
Mary Alice

Keeping it Cozy said...

Such a lovely home, indoors and out. I just loved reading her thoughts on style. Thank you for sharing.

thistlewoodfarm said...

I adore Laurie! She has such a wonderful sense of style. I always feel so peaceful when I read her blog! And she is the sweetest blogger ever!

Wonderful feature, Stacey!

Have an awesome weekend!

Kelly said...

I really enjoyed this tour of Laurie's home. It is so pretty! We share the love of the same style. However, she has the perfect old farmhouse in which to display it all! Loved seeing her flower beds outside. Don't think I've seen them before. Thanks for this inspirational tour!

My Vintage Mending said...

Makes me want to paint everything white. I love how peaceful it makes the house look. Just gorgeous...smiles...Renee

Laurel said...

Beautiful!!! And the gardens are to die for - love, love, love peonies!

Thanks for sharing.

Laurel @ SoPo Cottage

Tricia said...

I love Laurie's blog...she's such a sweetheart. Hope you have a good weekend, Stacey :)

lynn said...

laurie's home and gardens are gorgeous, which is why i love to visit her blog:)

michele said...

i would feel so at home at laurie's house! we share so many similar sensibilities, and hers is one of my favorite blogs with its layers of lovely.

great tour, girlz!

smiles to you.


Shanon at Vintage Sparkle Chic said...

I always love everything Laurie does to her gorgeous home. And she seems like the sweetest person. I love her simply decorated home and her beautiful gardens.


Debra @ Common Ground said...

Laurie's home is so lovely, and her gardens are the icing on the cake!!

Kari from Meadowview Farm said...

Serene, sweet....thank for sharing this home.

Heaven's Walk said...

Thank you all for such kind comments! You seriously humble me! :) Anytime you're out in this neck of the woods, stop by for a visit! I'll even have a glass of FatCat*Happy Dog wine waiting for you. :) You are always welcome at Heaven's Walk! ♥

xoxo laurie

PS Dearest Stacey - thank you so much for this fun opportunity! I had a ball! :) Hugs to you!

Elyse said...

stunningly beautiful!

now me want ladder even more!

thank you (both) for sharing!


Carolyn said...

I love Laurie's home and her inspirational blog.


McMaster & Storm said...

so pretty & inspiring {and relaxing!!}
I love her comment about living in an old house--there is always a project in the waiting or a project in the works.

karen said...

What are the flowers around the lantern. They look beautiful together. I especially can't figure out what the date blue ones are. Thank you for the time .