Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Fairytale Farewell

First of all, I realize my blog design looks like garbage!  I was fiddling with it and lots of things got messed up in the template.  I feel fairly adequate in editing the Blogger templates by now, but there are some crrrrraaaaazzzy things happening here that I can't seem to fix.  The major thing is that I can't upload a logo/header, it won't resize and also has a very strange look to it, so I have left my blog logo off for now.  Also, I can't get rid of the pesky borders/shadows around most pictures shown in posts and on sidebar, even though I know how to get rid of them.

Dear Blogger, you are a colossal pain in the ass.  
Very UN-sincerely, Me. 

Anyone else having problems?

Now, on to the purpose of this posty post...

After a long and I do mean loooong time thinking it over, I have decided not to continue posting to this blog anymore.  I am in need of simplifying, streamlining things which include both my personal, work, and crafty life.  As most of you know, I have another website Cottage Industry in which I offer decorating services and also have an online shop there as well.  It just seems to make more sense to me at this point to also blog from there too, under that name.

A Sort Of Fairytale was started in 2009, then abandoned for awhile, because I had no clue really about blogging (not that I'm any expert now, LOL) or about what I wanted to write about.  In 2010 I had my daughter, Maggie, and about 8 months after that, we bought our first house, which got me blogging again.  I was excited to share all the new things I would do to decorate the house and I'm pretty sure most of them have been documented here, which is pretty cool to look back on.  In case anyone ever wondered where the name of the blog came from or why I chose it, here it is:
  • The name, "A Sort Of Fairytale" was borrowed from a song I love, A Sorta Fairytale, by a musician, Tori Amos, I have been a fan of for years.  Not only do I love the song, but I thought the title was a perfect fit for how I view my life... A Sort Of Fairytale.
 {cute logo I can't seem to upload in the header...whaaaaaa!!! ***UPDATE*** I did get it on there, but can't center!}
There are certainly more projects and remodels to be done at my home in the future as time and money allow, but for now, I'm happy with the way things are in the house as is.  That doesn't leave a whole lot to blog about then I guess, considering that decorating in my home is/was the primary focus of this blog.  Sure, I could do some tutorials or what not on crafty/DIY things related to decorating, but honestly, that's not something I'm interested in doing right now...I'm greedy, I'd rather read a tutorial than put one together, that's for sure!

 {an old blog banner}

It's an end to this blog, but the start of another one at Cottage Industry.  It won't be all business over there, I promise.  I want to show more crafts that I'm working on/interested in, post about different styles, products, and shops that I'm loving at the moment as well.  I will be posting about business related things happening at Cottage Industry, but won't over saturate the blog with it -promise.  I'm hoping to blog more actually, but it does take a back seat from time to time, so I'll just have to see how that goes.  I'll still leave this blog up for you to poke around if you like :)

 {a bag I made as part of a Blogger's challenge}

I never thought I'd have any readers/followers at this blog and have been continually astonished at how many of you I have gotten to know through blogging.  I have so loved and appreciated all your heartfelt comments and cheers, thank you so much for visiting this little place!  Blogging is truly a wonderful thing and it brings so many new opportunities and creates real friendships with kindred spirits you just might never have had otherwise.

I'd be honored if you chose to continue keeping up with me at my new blog here:
I actually have my first post up there!!!

You can subscribe to the blog through e-mail HERE.  
You can also subscribe through an RSS Feed .
Since my blog is not hosted on Blogger, this is currently the main way to subscribe/follow.
You can however, add this url to your blogger dashboard or other chosen reader, and my updates will (let's hope) show up in your dashboards and readers as they happen.
UPDATE:  It seems my updated feed does not show up in the Blogger dashboard reader, but will show up on your blogroll sidebar on your page/blog, just FYI

I'll of course still be visiting all my blog faves, so if you see "Cottage Industry" comment, that's me!



Cassie @ Primitive & Proper said...

i will be sure to find you over there!

NanaDiana said...

Aw, Stacey- You know I would follow you anywhere. I do think we have to make some tough decisions sometimes to enhance our lives. I'll come find you- xo Diana

Art and Sand said...

I have always loved reading A Sort of Fairytale so you can bet I will be heading over to Cottage Industry and following you there.

Musings from Kim K. said...

I just added Cottage Industry into my reader. Looking forward to following you there! Best wishes!

Bethany said...

It totally makes sense to simplify things with one blog over at Cottage Industry. I'm already following so I'll see you over there!

Junkchiccottage said...

It totally makes sense to just have the one place to concentrate your talent. We will follow you where ever you go!!!!!!

Holly- Cutie Pie Cottage said...

Blogger's changes have made it tough on a lot of us. I used to love changing my template and header. it made me feel so tech savvy! I'm afraid to do anything with it now! Onward! ♥

Vickie @ Ranger 911 said...

Stacey, I'm having a hard time keeping the cobwebs off ONE blog and we're empty nesters, so I totally get it. I've also read about how many problems bloggers are having changing out their blog design, so I've left mine the same.....forever! I'm adding your Cottage Industry blog to my blogroll so I don't miss any posts from you (yours are always the first I visit). Best of luck with everything!!


Helen Philipps said...

Hello Stacey thank you for visiting me recently :) I am off to visit your new blog now, though I look forward to reading back through this one too!
Wishing you a happy autumn week!
Helen x

Heidi@TheMerryMagpieVintage said...

I can't seem to get the new link to work in Bloglovin. Wonder why? Will keep trying!

Lee Ann said...

Ah, I just found you ! Ill pop over to your new blog and follow on there. Good luck xx

vintage grey said...

I will be finding and following you over there sweet friend!! Happy day to you! xo Heather

Lynnie @ Vintage Gal Style said...

I am glad you are leaving this up so I can poke around and will move over to your other blog. If you need help centering a pic in the header, let me know and I can tell ya how I do it.

susan@avintagefarmwife said...

I can't imagine trying to keep up with two blogs, sweetie. I will add you to my sidebar so I can keep up with your wonderful projects!

knutty knitter said...

Bother! I only just found you.

I like this so will follow you I think.

viv in nz

Elyse said...

let's be sure to always stay in touch, little one!

off to bookmark, follow, etc.!

happy autumn wishes ~


Jan said...

Whether or not to stop blogging is a hard decision and I'm glad you wrote a 'farewell' post. So often I'll run across a great blog that hasn't been updated in months and I wonder why the blogger just suddenly stopped. Good luck with your other ventures and I'll check out your other site. -- Jan

Sü Smith said...

I love your new biz!

Hey for the pesky css. Try in the advanced area of the template designer custom css editor....

For the Header:

.Header #header-inner {margin-left: 360px;}

(margin-left and margin-right "auto" is supposed to make things center, but wrestling with the blogger widget css bundle can be a pain! If you set it to whatever margin you want on the left by changing the number of pixels you can center it)

Image borders:

.post-body .tr-caption-container, .Profile img, .Image img, .BlogList .item-thumbnail img {border: 0px solid transparent; box-shadow: 0px 0px 0px rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.102);}

Sü Smith said...

Oh for the line of image borders css code add this to the beginning of it with a comma afterwards

.post-body img,

Denise said...

I'm jumping on over to visit You and following You over at Your new blog :)Denise

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LivingVintage said...

Nooooo! Please don't tell me that! I just found you and I lovvvvvvvvve your style. It reminds me so much of Mary Emmerling.

Truthfully, though, you have to do what is best for you and your family. I'll check out your new blog.

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